Technické materiály používané při výrobě produktů Lasting

Technical materials used in the production of Lasting products

X-Static® Silver filament

Polyamide fibers coated with a layer of pure natural silver

Clinically proven effectiveness

  • Clinically proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria on textile surfaces.
  • Permanently bonded with a layer of 99.9% pure metallic silver.
  • No performance degradation even after testing over 200 commercial washes
  • It does not contain harsh chemicals and is an EPA registered antimicrobial

Constant efficiency
X-Static® antimicrobial protection never wears off. It continuously releases silver ions that disrupt the molecular structure of the bacteria, thereby eliminating the hydrogen in the DNA, the bacteria cannot breathe and therefore dies.

Antistatic capabilities
X-Static® absorbs static and electrical discharges. The foot contains over 7,000 nerve endings that the body uses to send electrical signals. Thanks to the conductivity of silver, X-Static® also absorbs these signals.


A family of polyester fibers designed to help you beat the heat. This cooling technology creates clothing with permanent moisture wicking.

Molded polyester - special four-channel water-repellent polyester fiber. very quickly wicks away body moisture from the skin to the top layer of the material. COOLMAX® wicks away moisture through evaporation and thus regulates body temperature. The excellent airiness of the fiber ensures a thermoregulatory effect thereby improving performance and user comfort.


Polyamide fibers coated with a layer of pure natural silver

LYCRA® fiber has set the standard as the world's most recognized spandex fiber brand. The light and almost invisible LYCRA® fiber has become an active component of our clothing. Whenever LYCRA® fiber is used in fabrics, it transforms garments into better fitting, durable garments that move with our body and provide a fit, shape and comfort that lasts.

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