Orders and Payment Terms


All orders have to be placed in writing by mail, e-mail or fax and have to include all the necessary information such as date, name or recipient's address.

An order is binding after confirmed in writing by the Supplier; the Buyer shall check in its own interest the order content and the written order confirmation by the Supplier.

Payments terms: according the agreement.

If the delivery of the goods is not taken by the Buyer within 90 days after the confirmed delivery date, the deposit will be retained by the Supplier, unless the parties agree otherwise.

All payments are made by the Buyer by wire transfer to the benefit of the Supplier. All taxes and fees, bank charges, costs of acquisition of import licence, transit licence and export licence, customs fees, customs duties and any other expenses on the basis of the Contract and the related invoices, loading lists and other documents acquired in the Territory shall be paid by the Buyer, and the costs incurred in the territory, to which the Supplier competence applies, shall be paid by the Supplier. In the case of non-payment of invoice within the maturity period the Supplier may provide written information about cancellation of all the existing Buyer's orders without option to compensate damage due to delay. The contractual delay charge is 0.1% per day from the overdue amount.


Delivery Terms

The delivery shall be performed as EXW SOKOLOV.

Delivery time will be confirmed after receiving the order. Orders from the stock will be sent in 1-2 days.

The Supplier should exert any effort to deliver goods within the agreed term specified in the confirmed order. The Supplier shall notify the Buyer of the prepared shipment providing all information and details necessary to arrange for the transport.



Packing and Marking

The transport and sale packing must comply with the technical requirements and regulations for the respective type of delivery of goods according to the EU regulations.


Private Property Protection

The contracting parties have agreed that the title to the subject of the purchase passes over to the Buyer as late as at the moment of full payment of the purchase price and receiving it by the Supplier.


Guarantee on the Goods

The product is considered as properly delivered unless the Supplier receives a complaint in writing within 30 days. The Supplier provides guarantee to all defective products within 2 years after delivery.

The guarantee does not apply to:

Complaints delivered after the guarantee period.

If the defect has no relation to the Supplier, i.e. if it occurs during transport (transport is covered by insurance) due to inappropriate storage conditions outside the Supplier's premises or if the goods are handled incorrectly.

If the product is modified by the Buyer or by customer.

The guarantee is limited to defects occurred in production; written complaint has to be filed during the guarantee period. In the case of a defect, the guarantee only applies to the damaged goods.


Force Majeure

In the case of occurrence of events that cannot be affected or controlled by any party and that prevent either party, fully or partially, from performing its obligations hereunder including but not limited to fire, natural disasters, wars, military operations in any form, official strike, blockades and restriction of export or import or steps and measures taken by public administration authorities, the period necessary for performance of obligations resulting from this Contract shall be prolonged for the period, during which the above-mentioned events existed. The inability to perform the contractual obligations by any contracting party will only be excused by Force Majeure during the period of the Force Majeure existence. The parties must continue cooperating and find any possible alternative methods how to meet the contractual conditions. Immediately after the Force Majeure event termination, the party affected by such event shall notify the other party in writing to take measures to renew or continue performing its obligations.

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